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Today (and every day) I am grateful that after twenty-plus years of wandering away from what I knew to be true, I let go of my pride, followed my heart, and landed straight back with my LDS faith. Last week I entered the temple for the first time with my family and friends to take out my endowments. I am now officially a wearer of temple garments and it feels grrreat! All I could think the whole time was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful and yet again, wonderful.



Called to Serve!

Hi guys! There is so much to tell, so much has been going on, but right now I can’t wait to post that I got my first calling in the ward on Sunday.

I got a text from the Bishop’s secretary (is that what you call him? It’s the guy who does all the scheduling,) asking if I could come in to see the Bishop on Sunday at 9am. He and I had been meeting weekly when I first returned back to the church, so at first I thought “Oh, he just wants to catch up, we haven’t spoken in a while.” But the I remembered something from the night of my Patriarchal Blessing, which I invited him to attend. He told me that after I bore my testimony in church earlier that day, he leaned over to his first counselor and said “We need to get Sara into a calling!” I knew that must be the reason.

I was filled with excitement, and immediately started to wonder what it would be. Primary came to mind right away since we have one of the noisiest wards in the valley, with new children showing up week after week. “Yes,” I thought, “it’s definitely likely to be Primary.”

Later that day, I went with my friend Renee to pick out material for my temple dress that she is making for me (I am so blessed to have a friend who offered to do this for me!) and she reminded me that it could be the nursery. Bom, Bom, Booooom!!

No, not nursery! Just last week my visiting teaching gal told me a horror story about being converted to the church and immediately being assigned to the nursery for TWO YEARS! I was half-hoping that wouldn’t happen, but was prepared to accept a nursery calling if that was what the Lord wanted for me. Besides, I love kids, how bad could it be? 😉

When I arrived to his office at 9am, he told me that after much pondering and prayer, and discussion with the Ward Mission Leader, I have been asked to serve as a Ward Missionary! Can you believe it!?

He set me apart that night after church. I am so proud to say that I am now even more officially responsible, as we all are, to share the gospel with all those whom I come in contact. I can feel my Heavenly Father supporting me in this cause, giving me the courage to share my testimony with anyone and everyone who will listen.

Here’s a cute video of the song my mom has been singing to me all week. 🙂