Women’s Conference Reflections

Such wonderful messages shared on Saturday night! Items I look forward to pondering from #LDSconf women’s session.

💕 Lean not unto thine own understanding. When we spiritually lean to one side or another, we are moved and are not centered on Christ. The more we lean onto our own understanding with spiritual matters we become malaligned, off center, and moved away from the Savior. As we trust in the Lord, the result is always that we will be moved closer to him.

🌟 The beauty of holiness. Every Moment of our lives MUST be holiness to the Lord. Our mortal experiences give us the opportunity to choose holiness.

💕 Becoming certain women; free from doubt or reservation; confident; sure; that may be depended on; trustworthy; unfailing; reliable

🌟The Lord gives peace in his own way. He gives us weakness that we might be humble and in our humility we are given his grace.

💕in times of trouble, remember the times that the spirit has visited you and the power you felt.

🌟the Holy Ghost is not only the comforter, but the companion who will help us along our path to eternal progression. Our classes and organizations along with the guidance of the spirit can help to increase our power to do good.


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