Much to Tell

For months I have felt prompted to get back on here and keep up with my posting, and I have put it off, or written elsewhere (namely facebook and my journal) but all the while still pondering the use and intention of this blog. Walking into Nikki Mantyla’s writing class where this all began was such a great blessing because it gave me the chance to spend each day pondering, studying, and putting into my own words the testimony that I had gained and was continuing to gain. I have missed it. I have thought many, many times about writing my experiences here without logging in. It feels so good to be back.

Since my last post much has happened. I got engaged. We (Kyle and I) planned a wedding. I got laid off from my job of nine years. We bought a house. We were sealed in the Salt Lake temple. We went on a crazy honeymoon — which stories I can’t wait to share here. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Major home renovations. A calling to teach the high-school age kids in our ward. So very much.

Today we had ward conference that was filled with great messages. In Sunday school, the Stake Sunday school president shared a talk from President Eyring that reminded me again how much I need to be writing things down here, so here I am. I will start by sharing the talk. It’s a great one.



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