The Yoga of Christ

I like to ponder the many factors, the who and the what, that played a role in my return to the LDS church. There are many people who helped me on this side of the veil, and I know there are many on the other side. I think about my father, my grand parents, my aunt Judy, and my niece Taylor. Then there are the more distant relatives, when I was alone driving on the coast of California, it was President Spencer W. Kimball who preached to me in such a clear and concise voice that I could not help but stand at full attention. It occurred to me this morning that perhaps even Parmahansa Yogananda was involved somehow.

While I was listening to the audio book version of Autobiography of a Yogi (read by Sir Ben Kingsley, btw. I highly recommend picking it up from your local library), I was surprised and touched by the continuous mention of Jesus Christ. The fact that this great guru, the man who brought many cherished Eastern ideals to the Western world, considered Jesus not only to be a real man, but a yogi beyond comparison, compelled me to reconsider my faith in him.

An article recently given to me by another timely influence here on Earth, Nikki Mantyla, brought back that connection. Philip G McLemore wrote an article for Sunstone back in 2007 titled, “The Yoga of Christ” in which so many wonderful ideas and questions are brought to mind. The principles of yoga have always been rooted in the very connection between man and God, whether we in the western world are aware of this or not. The western world seems to have taken God out of yoga, making it all about a connection to “the universe” (barf) (sorry but I do not believe that we are connected to some dark, cold, un-concerned, un-engaged, passive, inconsequential universe although that is precisely the sentiment that seems to emerge from the western yoga world.)

I am actually only half-way through this article as it has given me much to reflect on and ponder, but I think it is going to be a great help with my Position page. Right now I am really enjoying the thoughts on “non attachment” as a means for letting go of all attachment to the world and putting all of your faith in Christ. I am also nearly finished reading the Book of Mormon, having just reached the actual book of Mormon, the time when Jesus has come and gone and the world is becoming a wicked place. The correlation between what is going on in the world today and what is going on in this part of the scriptures is fascinating and giving me much to ponder as well.

Here’s a taste of the wonderful insight provided:



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